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About Venugopalaswamy:

Prathamawswamy Sri Jeevananda @ Yogi Venugopala swamy did receive deekshai from Cudappah Shri. Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeeswarar in the year 1945 and has been swamij's desiple since then.

When Cudappah swami was alive his wife Perundevi adopted a boy. After some years of Cudappah swami's maha nirvikalpa samadhi this adopted was trying to sell the properties of Bangalore kempepura mutt.

Due to litigations the mutt was locked for many years and was in depleted condition .  It was, Thiru Venugopalaswamy who fought for the mutt properties in court and against ill willed encroachers around and brought back the madam in the current state.

Once the mutt came back to the safe hands of Yogi Venuopalaswami he formed a trust for the madam with trusted devotees.

The trustees with the blessing of Guru are managing the madam as per the wishes of Thiru Cudappah swami and built temples for

Lord Vinayagan

Lord Murugan

Sri Rajarajeswari
Swami Iyyappan


Shri Venkateshwara

A navagraha temple along with a seperate temple for Saneeshwaran is also built with assistance of all devotees.

A prayer hall and new compound wall is being built around Mutt.

This hall is also used for Free Eye Camps, medical Check Up, alcohol De-
addiction awareness and other social activities.

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