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Short biography of Paramahamsa Sachidhanandha yogeeswarar

Kadapa Sri.ParamahamsaSachidanandaYogishwararGuruji born on 1865 AD February 16, Thursday at 6.30 PM. His Parents are Sri.Somasundaram and Smt. Vishalakshamma, both are devotees of Lord Shiva. The early name of Guruji is Kuppuswamy. He completed his 8th Standard at Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu. Due to parents wish Guruji married a girl Perundevi, who is a devotee of Lord Krishna. Even after marriage Guruji was practicing Yoga and meditation in the forest, then Gurujis wife made all arrangement at residence to practice Yoga & meditation.

At the age of 47 Guruji took Sanyasa, when Gurujis wife dead. He practiced Yoga and meditation at Gadikote village (Kadapa Dist. Andrapradesh) and become Master. After becoming master of Yoga he made many miracles and the publics were astonished about his miracles. He published many books which contain Vedantha, Upanishad, and Puranas.

Swamiji Extensively traveled in almost all the states of India and other countries like Singapore ,Malaysia and Mauritius etc., . He was meditating by floating in Ulsoor lake Bangalore for more than 200 days continuously.

One day Lord Ekambareeshwar came in disguise as an aged saint by the name of Nithyanandar of VettaveliParamparai and initiated and taught Swamiji Yoga and renamed Kuppusamy as Sri ParamahamsaSachidanandaYogeeshwar. He had delivered lectures on Yoga and Vedanta to his disciples in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Mauritius, and South Africa in padmasana posture while floating on the water - JALASTHAMBA. He meditated and stayed in trance for 90 days in 1912, 103 days in 1938 and 245 days in 1941 and later 366 days. Finally he attained NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI on 9th January 1957.

In Kaliyuga, it is very difficult to attain Salvation. But Guruji published a following booksJeevaBrahmaaikyaVedanthaRahasyam in Tamil 
          1. Yoga Abyasam In Tamil 
          2. Identify of soul & God (The Secret of Vedantha ) In English
          3. JeevaBrahmaaikyaRajayogaSaramrutha in Kannada - Volume -I
          4. JeevaBrahmaaikyaRajayogaSaramrutha in Kannada - Volume -II
          5. JeevaBramaaikyavedanthaRahasyam in Telugu 
He also wrote other books
Guruji took yoga Samadhi for 90days at the age of 40 years, 103 days at the age of 60 years, 160 days at the age of 69 years and 366 days at the age of 71 years. Guruji is a great Astrologer and very kind for public, due to this thousand of people become his disciples. His mother tongue was Tamil, he translated his books to many languages by his disciples.
Guruji took jeeva Samadhi at Sri CuddapahSwamySachidanandayogeeshwarer Mutt at Bhuvaneshwari Nagar , Binnypet , Bangalore on 9thjan 1957. He transformed all his energy to his Idol installed at the mutt premises . When you meditate at this place you will get lot of energy and vibrations which only be felt by experience .

cudappah sree paramahamsa sachidhanandha yogeeswarar
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